Equalizer 5 Band


Equalizers are possibly the most used signal processors in a studio environment. With an equalizer you can alter the frequency spectrum of an instrument with different types of filters. Equalizers are used to increase or decrease the volume of different frequency ranges. You may add some presence to your track, cut unneccessary sub frequencies, make "room" for mixing a signal with others without producing indifferent mud, brighten dull recordings or "fix" an unsatisfying but not reproducable recording - Equalizers are the swiss army knife in audio production.

The 5 band equalizer is the perfect channel strip solution. A high- and lowshelf and three parametric peak filters give you enough flexibility for standard manipulations.


The Calf Equalizer 5 Band consists of two different types of filters:

Calf Equalizers are designed to give you the most control over your frequency response. The peak filters can add or subtract up to 36dB at a really high Q to your signal. This can result in a self resonating tone in comparison to a nearly complete removal of a single narrow band.


Please refer to the Equalizer 12 Band manual for more information on equalization.